We Are Singapore Pianist!

Singapore Pianist is a service that connects piano students to qualified and experienced piano teachers who teaches at their own music studios. We help parents and students to find piano teachers, and match them with suitable teachers who fit their needs, interests, and locations.

Why Us?

You might have tried posting on your Facebook that you are looking for a piano teacher. Or reading up forums to find a teacher near your place. Or tried looking for a teacher on classified ads like gumtree or the likes.

Yes, these are platforms that allow you to find a piano teacher.

However, at SingaporePianist.com, we want to make things simpler and safer for you.

Over here, you just need to

  • submit your learning requests through our lesson request forms
  • and let us find a suitable music studio for you
  • and start your first lesson within a month!

– No hassle of finding and contacting teachers yourself one by one.
– No headaches that the teacher you found may not have proper qualifications
– No fear that the teacher you found disappear after receiving your fees

Because we take care of everything, and find a qualified teacher for you for FREE.

Why Free?

It is Free for students only. We do collect a fee from the piano teachers for every successful piano lesson started. This fee allows us to maintain and grow this platform to allow more parents and students to find their piano teachers and kickstart their piano playing dreams.

I’m looking for a piano teacher now!


You can find out more about adult piano lessons or kids piano lessons. Send in your request and we will get the teacher to contact you!

I want to register my piano studio with you!


Head over here to register your piano studio. Do note that we have some strict guidelines to adhere. Apply now and let us connect you to potential students!