There are many adults who are very keen on learning the piano despite being a working adult.

However, some fear that they may end up learning only for a short span of time due to their jobs and thus feel that it may not be worth it after all, learning the piano from scratch.

But fret not! With these helpful tips, adults may be able to progress quickly and may not require much time if it is just for leisure!



There are many people who would try to learn the piano just by watching youtube videos.

For example,how to play….” People would look at the fingerings of the player in the video and try to imitate whatever they’re doing.

However, memorising has its limits. The best way is to read scores!

Adults, get yourself familiarised with basic music theory.


Learn the counting, such as crotchets are equivalent to a count, minims are equivalent to two counts, etc.

Reading notes are important as well! All you need to do is read the alphabets C D E F G A B. Get a theory book and study it closely then try to recognize the notes.

The easier ones are Cs and Fs. Just by familiarising yourself with notes and rhythms, reading easy scores would not be a problem!

Setting time aside


Ever heard of practice makes perfect? I have always emphasized on this quote because it does make a lot of difference!

Practicing helps muscle memory and you are constantly and repeatedly in sync with piano.

This does help speed up your learning process!

As adults, it is clear that adults would be very busy with work and all but setting time aside, ten minutes a day trying some songs on the piano might not be a bad idea!

Try! Try! Try!

Do not be afraid to pick out some new songs to try out every time!

Some scores may look complex and tricky but a little goes a long way.

Maybe try sight reading the notes on the right hand first and then slowly work your way to the left hand and then both and perhaps one day,

you may become so comfortable at sight reading that it does not scare you anymore.

Being comfortable trying out new pieces will help enhance your learning abilities and get you more attuned to the piano!  




Do think of questions that you may have while reading scores or when you get a new piece of music.

More questions posed to your teacher would mean more answers for you in return and you get to learn more ideas regarding your songs or the piano and thus speeds up your learning!


With these, adults can now speed up their learning pace by getting comfortable and adjusted to the musical notes and rhythms, get more and more comfortable with reading new scores thus making learning much

easier! Now, go get yourself a suitable piano teacher who is able to guide you in your music making journey!