Many people are interested in learning the piano, however, not many people know how to get around starting to learn it! We talked about how you can start piano lessons easily, but for this post, let us share with you why you should start with individual piano lessons.

There are many types of piano classes available out there. The two most common ones are group piano lessons, and individual piano lessons.

If you are keen to get your child started in kids piano lessons, you can start him off in group classes. These group classes put together a few children in a class with a teacher teaching them all at the same time. These group lessons is good in that your child can learn music, and make friends at the same time.

However, as time goes by, group classes are not effective anymore, if you want your child to progress further. Group classes are good more for ‘introductory’ sessions. If you want to proceed further, individual one-to-one piano lessons are important.

Here’s why:

1. Learning based on your individual level

When you are learning in a group, the teacher’s attention span is split among all the students. But if you are learning with just 1 teacher only, the teacher’s attention is on you. The teacher knows everything about your learning pace, your skills level, and even know what are your common mistakes.

If you have a dedicated teacher, you can learn based on your level. If you want to progress faster, you can do so, and don’t have to worry about other students.

2. Learning based on your preference.

Would you like to go for the next piano exam? That’s great! But if you are in a group class, that’s weird, if other students are not taking. That is why individual piano lessons will help you learn based on your preference.

If you want to prepare for the exam, the teacher can help you to prepare for the exam, and even help you ace it by giving you extra lessons.

And what if you want to play something light and fun after your exams, that’s possible too! The teacher can just bring in new songs to teach you to make it fun for you after all the stress.

3. Huge Cost Saving

If you compare the fares of individual lessons to group lessons, individual lesson definitely cost more. In fact, the fess can be twice as much. But if you look at it long term, and also compare the benefits you get out of individual classes, you are in fact saving lots of money on piano lessons.

Plus, there are some benefits (such as the above two), that you can get in individual classes only, and not in group classes, even if you want to pay more fees.

When you are signing up for classes, what’s important is not whether you are learning the lessons in a music studio, or learning at a teacher’s place. As long as the classroom and environment is suitable for learning, that’s okay. What’s more important is what you can get out of the lessons, and if you are able to learn better in it.

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