Being a private piano teacher has its ups and downs. Are you thinking of becoming one? Do you think you are able to become a good teacher?

4 points below would help you decipher if you have what it takes to become a private piano tutor!

1. Planning

As a private piano teacher, your livelihood consists of the students you take on.

If you are a good planner, you are able to plan student’s time schedule nicely so that you have ample time to rest, upgrade your own skills as well as to teach.

Planning is very important! If you are able to plan your time wisely on a daily basis, you are ¼ there to becoming a good private piano teacher!

2. Patience


As a teacher, the one quality you just never overlook is patience. Patience is of the essence in a teacher.

Some slow students tend to need more time to actually absorb what you’re trying to teach.

Being impatient and exasperated with your students might hinder their progress and would also demoralise them.

Therefore, patience is extremely important!

Of course, not many students progress at such a fast pace. Especially children!

Therefore teachers must continue to be patient and allow their students to have lessons at a suitable pace and not rush them for examinations that they are not ready to take upon.

3. Think out of the box


Being a private piano enables yourself to have the freedom of planning your own curriculum.

If you do not have creativity or you’re not hardworking enough, your classes might become really boring and thus students will start to lose interest.

If you are able to utilise your creativity skills to turn your schedule into a more fun one, students will tend to progress faster.

Also, it is important for teachers to explore new teaching materials for students.

If you think that you would like to explore teaching materials, finding new innovative ways to teach, becoming a private piano teacher would then be an easy feat to you!

No students would like to be taught under a boring teacher right?

4. Open mindedness

As a teacher, you have to be open minded. Being a performer and being a teacher are two different things.

If your student disagree with certain instruction of yours and their reasons seem to be valid, then accept it.

Remember, music does not have a fixed set of rules.

If you are able to discuss musical ideas with your students and not be fixed on only one particular reason, you then have what it takes!


As a piano teacher, you’ve got to be patient, cheerful and informative!

Continue upgrading your skills and keep an open mindset.

Remember, being a teacher is nothing like a performer. People skills are extremely important.

If you can interact well with your students and parents, able to explore new ideas and seek improvement, you are on the way to becoming an awesome private piano teacher!

Feel free to contact us if you think you are ready!